Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cool weather.

spring continues to be rather cool. it has made watering the garden easier but the tomatoes are not happy and growing much.
i will be posting pics of the garden soon.

Katherine and I managed to get out of town for 4 days last week. We went down to gallup NM (what a hole!). She wanted to check out an education job fair for teaching on the reservation, but as soon as we were in the area we knew there was no way we wanted to live there.
but i DID get new truck tires for my Eagle (whoohoo!). We camped in Comb wash both on the way down and back and took different routes heading south and north thru NM and the reservation. also camped a night in Cibolo National Forest.

things are going well. busy with work and gardening....

looks like we will be staying in Boulder and hopefully becoming more involved with teh new Red House Farm (more on that later).


  1. Fortunately for those of us who love living in Gallup - the people, the cultures, the natural beauty - you drove on and we don't have to put up with your negative energy for the year you bitch and moan about the people, the kids, etc without ever getting to know the communiity. Luckily for the students in the schools, you kept drving on your way to Shangra-La.

  2. you have every right to love Gallup.
    i did not.
    i have a right not to.
    have you experienced places besides Gallup? how many?
    if not, i would suggest that you have no basis of comparison.
    it is the same with nationalism and all other types of pride.
    i am sure there are many wonderful people and cultural things in gallup.
    but it unnerved me to see industrialisation within beautiful sandstone cliffs, etc. to see so many megastores and unimpressive restaurants etc.
    where i live, there are NONE of those things. I am surrounded by wilderness - no off road vehicles, people who believe in sustainability and local food, coming together at town meetings and an entire town deciding its fate.
    i've spent time in huge cities (18 years in chicago) and other small towns. I've seen and experienced a HUGE amount of culture and dealt with many various levels of social standing. i am NOT some privileged white guy that is clueless.
    in my time in chicago i had a good many street people, so to speak, which i would interact with on a daily basis for years at a time.
    i lived in low income neighborhoods.
    in other words, i've been around more than not.

    in my humble opinion, the beauty of gallup is marred by the ugliness of modern culture. the surrounding areas aren't that attractive to my eye. i don't go for open expanses of nothingness, i dig canyons and benches.
    thank you for sharing your opinion though, i appreciate it.
    but then, you do not know anything about myself or what i would have brought to the community from reading one post.
    you just did the exact same thing that you accuse me of.
    you also assume that you know my level of insightfulness in dealing with people and judging character, yet you judge my assumptions. you believe that a few paragraphs represent my total being and the type of 'energy' i have. this is a perfect example of what i am talking about.
    it is reactionary and lacking in depth of understanding.
    i could talk about the complete lack of good customer service at the Pep Boys and how it took me 6 hrs to get new tires on my car, how the family run mexican restaurant we went to was complete and utter crap in terms of quality (and i have had a LOT of high quality mexican food in my time)
    but what would be the point?
    i KNOW that these are individual experiences and do not represent the whole. but i choose to live in a place where those things do not exist.
    and why did you feel the need to post anonymously?
    I wish the best for you and Gallup.
    it was simply not my thing.
    on top of that, i find it rather hilarious that you felt the need to spend the time to write your comment as if you need to defend yourself and your town.
    if you were so sure about your opinion, why would it even bother you?