Thursday, August 27, 2009

in the now all of my friends that i have not been calling and keeping in touch with or whatever, just know that it is not personal, i have simply been caught up in the here and now.
working doubles and gardening, etc. have been taking up almost all of my time and when i have down time i have been taking it for myself.
you'll hear from me soon enough...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

work work work

all work and no play is no fun!!!!!

Work, ugh. How to escape it?
I was amazed to figure out the other day that I am working more hours per week now than ever before in my life. How the heck did that happen?
I suppose I should be happy to have so much work and people begging me for hours considering the current state of the job moarket elsewhere.
So, now, not only am I holding down the fort a few evenings of the week at Hills & Hollows as well as baking pizzas on Friday, but I am working a steady 2 days housekeeping at boulder mountain lodge and will be starting to work a few laundry shifts there as well next week.
of course, before ya know it, the end of the season will be here and there will be virtually no work to be had, so it is time to save save save.
I don’t want to have to work much at all this winter – to simply concentrate on art & music for a few months, and it is looking as if I will be able to do so.
H&H will close for about 6 weeks mid winter, so I know that I will definitely have that time completely free if I want it.
I’d like to do a bit of traveling at that point, explore the 4 corners area a bit more or something. Time will tell how it works out.
It feels good to know I already have a fair amount of the art supplies I will be needing.
It will be interesting to see how space issues work out as well. I had a place to myself last winter but this one will most likely be shared with my girlfriend (we’d discussed separate places but the latest thought is to try to share the space and not get on each others nerves even though there is not much space.)

I have not been able to get out onto the slickrock like I prefer lately. It is driving me a bit batty. I SHOULD be getting the work schedulre set so that even though I will have 4 double shifts, I will have weekends off with every other Friday off as well.
Wish me luck with that. I just hope I will have energy to get out after working 45 to 50 hours over 4 days!

I’ll get a short break the first week of september when my mom comes to visit, which will be good.
Then I will simply have to rough it out for a couple of months.
Like I said, wish me luck.