Saturday, March 27, 2010

a birthday poem?

Another year of challenges
When did it start,
When did it end?
Somehow those times
Simply seem to blend

Trials of the heart,
The head,
Sharing a space,
Sharing a bed.

Saying goodbye to an intimacy
Which transformed into
Something new and wonderful
After a bump or two…

New creative twists
Reinvention, re-ignition
Rediscovering sense of self
And still pondering
Just exactly what is
Truly calling me.

Winter solitude
Space to breathe
To think and feel
To evolve and integrate.

Snow melts
Claret cups bulge
The readiness of spring
And new opportunities
Rising forth from winter rest
Excitement coursing through veins
Facing trials with courage
With love and compassion

Ready to face
Whatever comes
Whatever will be
With an open heart and mind.

Bring it on.

Friday, March 26, 2010

spring changes

Changes and similarities flowing back and forth
Vying for a sense of balance – equilibrium.
Winter and spring both bringing emotional challenges
I seem to be facing them rather well, so far.
Transformation, reassessment, new ideas, new feelings
Echoes from before still haunt from time to time
Though they fade to whispers.

Shining stars on the morning horizon catch my eye
My curiosity peaked, I wonder what they will bring to the new day.
The subtle social dance of a small town can be tricky
Especially when one is so aware and takes care with their effects.
Yet I find myself wandering in this direction and that
Remaining open to whatever is to come

The next few months will bring much more change
A journey back to the Midwest for family,
A complex and challenging connection moving away,
New connections blossoming,
Newer insight in my art, music, and writing.

I look forward to it all while I still sit here licking wounds
And working through thoughts and feelings
That need to be fully digested
So that the nutrients can be absorbed
And the detritus disposed.

It’ll be good,
Of that I am sure,
For I seem to feel a tiny bit wiser
Each and every day.
But then again,
I may be full of it!