Monday, June 04, 2012

returning with more questions

writing. i haven't been doing as much as i should, especially considering the sheer amount of ideas and concepts that float through this noggin of mine.

the past 4 years of my new life in canyon country have found me being more pragmatic for the most part.
I've been finding ways of being more grounded, less invested in abstractions.
My tolerance for abstractions has dwindled.
Obsession with ritual, idealistic psuedo spirituality, cultural pillaging (which white people are so quick to move towards and blind about in regards to what they are actually doing) turn me off.

I feel like i witness a constant mentally deranged and deluded reach for escapism.
We, as civilized modern humans, bear the weight of all of the poor, misguided and short sighted decisions which our ancestors have made. there is NO escape. if we do not take responsibility for resolving these things and simply seek self fulfillment & comfort, we will just end up being another generation guilty of passing own our own inner illnesses onto our descendants.

DOING is not enough. action without previous insight, without awareness and an understanding of the interactive processes which bind all things together is unacceptable.
Thought without action is equally a load of crap which will cause more problems than it solves, problems which we throw onto the shoulders of those whom we have made no conscious social contract with.

Being comes before doing, and is the very core of what defines our actions.
When we concentrate on the doing more than we do the being, we end up walking allover others, being negligent, and refuse to face the truths which present themselves to us. In such a situation, idealistic lies take precedence over pragmatic truths, which in effect, short circuits our ability to use feedback loops and actually pay attention and learn from the reality that is presented to us.
It births resentment, unhappiness, and a cynical view that the world does not match our own inner vision.
WEll, guess what, one individual's inner vision is nothing but narcissism. no one is an island and every thought and action effects all elements around us.

When we concentrate on our being first, nurturing it and expanding our own inner abilities and maturity, what follows is that such personal evolution expresses itself through our actions. By concentrating on the inner work, on the process, rather than being obsessed with artifacts (that which we produce and is a result of process),we can begin to understand how the creative flow works.
When we concentrate on and obsess about the artifacts rather than the process, everything becomes bastardized, profaned, and meaningless; nothing but another object or concept in a commodified marketplace. It does not matter if it is a monetary marketplace, intellectual or spiritual marketplace, or any other. The act of commodification in itself brigs about horrific relationships and misguided focus.
It attempts to reverse the meaning of creativity and vision and usurp it, turning it into a support structure for dying traditions and misplaced pride.
It could be argued that it even turns us, as individuals, into nothing but commodities which others, whether individuals or institutions, attempt to co-opt for their own ends.

So how do we change these relationships?

i'll be exploring that question in future posts.

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