Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rebirth of the Blog

So, I've been spending the last few days changing over this blog to a new template, tagging posts, making both minor and major adjustments.

This is all a part of a movement I am making back towards writing more often.
It has been one of my creative venues which has not received the attention which it deserves, especially since I had so much positive reinforcement about it back in the academic days of college.

Hopefully I will be diligent. Hopefully I will gracefully express ideas and contemplations I have and do so on a regular basis.

Most of my oldest content (from 2004-2007) had taken on the form of a personal journal and was a mix of everyday musings and random thoughts mixed with my own digested forms of the time i spent studying a lot of Eastern Philosophy and cultural critique, including a nearly two year long period in which i was immersed in the work of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho).
Some of it is insightful, some of it rather foolish, but the sum of it all shows a progression I made over the years.

When I moved to Utah in fall of 2007, I made a conscientious move away from much of what I had been so immersed in previously in an attempt to become more silent and listen to the land.

It's been five years now, I've learned much (and, of course, have an amazing amount of learning ahead of me), and I feel that I am ready to start expressing much of the new lessons which have come my way.
I've spent a lot of time digesting and integrating various schools of thought which I've ingested & have found myself feeling further away from civilization and civilized thought than ever.

I hope my future ponderings on life, culture, nature, wilderness, philosophy, spirituality, and the community of life prove themselves to be nourishing and worthwhile, both for myself, and for others.

So, If this is your first visit, feel free to browse around posts from the past and maybe discover more about me than you want or need to; or stick around for what it to come.

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