Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Back To Eden - Mulching

Back to Eden is an incredible film about how Paul Gautschi listened to the land and noticed how all soil in nature has a 'skin'. This led him to start using a non-tilling gardening technique based on a top layer of up to 6 inches of mulch.
A truly amazing documentary which showcases his incredibly healthy and balanced relationship with scripture and how he sees it integrated with nature: with Eden and how God works through nature if only we listen.
While secularly minded people may imagine that they would be put off by such rhetoric, i highly recommend moving past such limitations of thought and listening to what the true meanings of what he is saying is. If you must, substitute the word nature for the word God.

For me, this is a direct connection to the expression and interpretation of nature by the Sufis put forth by Fakhruddin Iraqi  in his treatise The Lama'at :Divine Flashes in which he presents, as a supplement to his poem, the philosophy of the Divine Effulgence, which is a philosophy of how Allah manifests Himself in His Creation and borders on pantheism and animism (and, as I understand it, is close to being heretical within Islamic thought).

I highly recommend that anyone the least bit interested in agriculture or gardening watch this documentary.

I've followed the technique on a small scale and found that it was very successful.
Most of my soil is basically sand, and with the addition of composted horse manure * other organic material which I then covered with a couple inches of mulch (from tree branch removal), my need to water was greatly reduced and i even had fungi growing within the mulch matrix & the soil underneath started to become darker and much looser.

the main site can be viewed HERE

Below are some trailers and teasers posted on Youtube.
Unfortunately, the full video is no longer available there.

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