Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Derrick Jensen & A Language Older Than Words

Over the last few months, I've been reading Derrick Jensen's book A Language Older Than Words.

I've had to put it down a few times due to its intensity, or rather the intensity that I find welling up inside of me due to the resonance it has with my own beliefs.
I've found myself angry and judgmental about our entire culture (nothing new there) and have had to create space within myself to balance it with compassion.

I'm still not finished with it, but am now finding myself to be calmer with the material.
In many ways, I find that he has written things which I would have wanted to write, which leaves me free to move towards other areas of inquiry.

For those not familiar with his work and his philosophy, I highly recommend visiting the above link.
His site gives access to many articles he has written for some amazing magazines.

I've found Derrick to be a very complex being. On the one hand, there is the side which gets a lot of attention and criticism - the side of him which is not afraid to bring up the subject of violence, something that most shy away from speaking of. On the other, there is the compassionate, sensitive and extremely caring being which simply wants to see a life worth living and a world respected on its own terms.
I feel great resonance with this man. I see much of myself in him (though I have not had to deal with the types of personal trauma which he has).

We need more people within our culture who are willing to speak and write as he does, to question our cultural mythologies, to get down to the foundations of many of our disfunctional behaviors as a culture.

I look forward to experiencing much more of his work, and I wish it would not have taken me until recently to have started to delve into it.

below is a video of a lecture based on his two Endgame books.
it is an unedited video and his talk does not start until about 28 minutes into it, so fast forward to that point.
the talk lasts about two and a half hours. it is well worth the time, in my opinion.
the video/audio is a bit choppy at first, but eventually smooths out.

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