Saturday, March 30, 2013


it's feeling as if it is going to be a fruitful year of transition.
over the winter off season, i managed to pull in a decent amount of money through jewelry and art sales and am looking forward to it continuing even more throughout the tourist season.

I've got the garden prepped for planting and getting everything in gear slowly but surely.

I'll be posting pictures soon, and maybe one day I will get back into the groove of keeping up with posting more often on this blog.

It's great to once again see all of my friends who have been gone for the winter as they return and things liven up.
Spring rains are coming over the next few days and I am ready to see the life spring forth.

Also, today is the 11th anniversary of my younger brother Daniel's death.
I don't think of death often, and even when i do, i feel passive about it.
it is not that I do not face it, but that at this point in life with the experiences I have had and the stories I have heard from others about their lives, I feel that I have come to an understanding and peace with it as a natural part of living.
I don't mourn, i don't wish for things that could have been.
I find myself instead being in a place of peace and acceptance with reality.
I have faith, not in deity, but in the entirety of existence and how it manages itself.
one can call that God if they want, but I prefer it remain nameless and undefined.