Saturday, June 29, 2013

The great work continues.

Love's  luscious dangerous lips
Brushing against mine
Tentatively teasing 
Calling me to patience
To understanding
To the selfless glory of
The Holy

Passion wells forth
The Fountain uncorked
Gushing everywhere
Out of control.

When i become this being 
I overwhelm and am overwhelmed.
Control such a difficult task
As I feel the Love of the Friend
Flow through me
Seeking every sweet target
Every aching soul on earth
Yearning to fill them with light.
Yet i have no right
No power 
To determine who accepts.

The sweetest pain accompanies
Such Love.
How can i make you see?
There are those of us
Who walk this earth
Lost in our obscenely
Overzealous need
To show you the Divine
And how your pain
Is brought forth
From passing things.
While we ourselves do our best
To deal with having to live
Embedded in a culture that does not
Have the eyes to recognize  
That we even exist
Misinterpret our intent.

Let this aching realization
Split me open like
The ripest melon
Birthing me even further
Into the Divine Love
Of The Friend.

Let it reinforce my dedication
To the One
And always remind me
That my life is forfeit,
Nothing but a passing 
Vehicle made of earth
Which allows me to share
What i can while i am here.