Friday, July 05, 2013

Prayer for those seeking to be healers

The taste of a thousand traumas
None my own
Linger like a bittersweet film
On my tongue
Coating my mouth
With the flavor of empathy.

Why, oh why
Must such suffering exist?
We know it hones us like a fine knife
But at what cost?

Stories reach my ears,
My heart,
As if coming from some strange
Yet familiar
Foreign land.
A place which i have found
Myself at the edge of
So many times
If only to cast my line 
In order to retrieve those lost
In that darkness.

I call upon the strength of you
Dear Friend.
Guide me as your servant
As a healer doing your work
Bringing such beings 
Back to your Bosom
Of Love.

Guide my every word
My actions
My inactions
And work through me
Pouring forth your wine
Into every cup placed before me.
None of this work is mine.
It is Yours and Yours alone.

I only wish to be
A humble vessel
Yours to use
To give birth to so much
Ecstatic Love.

My life in this flesh is forfeit.
A meaningless contrivance. 
I no longer have use
For worldly things
As anything other than 
Divine temporary tools
Existing only to spread 
Whatever gift of healing
Which you allow to flow
From my Heart.

Walk by my side.
Guide me.
Heal me
So that in turn
I can heal.
Temper my delusions
Help me overcome my Nafs
So that I, like so many
Who have walked this earth 
Before me
Can come closer to you
Not for my own gain
But so that i can share
The Beauty of Your Love
With every soul I meet.

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