Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Sweet Relief

The Sun's gift
Of life
Tempered by 
Passing clouds
The sweet relief
Of the first
Teasing hints
Of monsoons
The tears of God
The lifeblood
Of this desert 
Aquarius snatching
Dew from the
Dark aquatic sky
While the sun blasts the sandstone
Bones of the earth below.
Rivers, creeks of
Clear blood
Flow through thin veins
Of green
We run to replenished 
Tinajas and pools
To refresh ourselves
In this sweltering
Desert sun.

The cool waters
Tingling our
Goosebumped flesh
As joyful laughter
Echoes through
The canyons
Joining and
Dancing in the wind
With the birdsongs.

These are the moments
We live for.

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