Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day

I think it should be noted that Columbus was a highly civilized individual.
 Matter of fact, all of his activities are at the heart of what civilization stands for and was built upon; you know, the complete destruction of any way of life other than agricultural domination and the imposition of top down abstract heirarchies of power and all, control through money, resource monopolization, the concept of property, the obsession with static states, etc.
Death to the hunter gatherer cultures has been the main game plan of civilization from the very beginning and the survival of civilizations depend upon such subjugation, as well as the subjugation of nature.
Remember this the next time you think that to be civilized means to be peaceful, intelligent, cosmopolitan, etc.
Such a thought is the opposite of the truth.
The civilized mind is the most violent, insane mind that humans have ever developed. I would even argue that every civilized belief system, including religions, schools of psychology, etc. are nothing more than attempts to mitigate this insanity in a way that denies humanity's place within the community of life due to an unwillingness to recognize and change our violent, self-indulgent, humanist, entitlement minded way of living and how we organize our societies as complete abstractions separate from natural law.
I am not a civilian and never will be.
I am an Animist, and I am a equal member within the community of life.